Quietly. Rachmaninov’s Vesper.

Leise. Leise, jedoch ernst. Aus dem Fühlenden kommend. Loslassend. Worte finden sich erst. Werden erst. Lasst uns behutsam sein. Nicht störend. Den Fluss nicht unterbrechend. Die Schöpfung unserer selbst. Jeden Tag neu. Quietly.Quietly, yet serious.Coming from the feeling.Letting go.Words will be found eventually.Will be eventually.Let us be gentle.Not disturbing.Not interrupting the flow.The creation of ourselves. … More Quietly. Rachmaninov’s Vesper.

The colour blue. Through Cézanne, Rilke, Van Gogh and Mozart.

The colour blue is very special to me. I don’t know how you feel but there is something in it that lets me sink into it. It lets me connect to myself. In the year 1907 Rainer Maria Rilke visited a memorial exhibition of works by Cézanne in Paris. For Rilke Cézanne had a major … More The colour blue. Through Cézanne, Rilke, Van Gogh and Mozart.

About infinity.

Bach – Piano, Chorale, Sanctify us by Thy Goodness by Hubert Harry: Infinity Maybe we are infinite. Infinity is very hard to imagine. Can a human imagine infinity? Is it possible? When I listen to Hubert Harry’s Bach, I feel the melody began already somewhere in this galaxy and continues somewhere else there, somewhere we … More About infinity.