About politeness and honesty. Through Mozart and Kandinsky.

What is honesty?
What is politeness?
Does it have anything to do with each other?

Are we honest?
Or are we better at being polite?

Maybe politeness is more common as honesty.
We like politeness, yet being polite doesn’t mean that we are necessarily honest.

Politeness can be truly dishonest and full of lies indeed.
We might have learned and accepted to get through life as long as we are polite.
Yet – is this valuable?

What would happen if we would turn it around?
Put honesty before politeness?

Of course honesty should never be conveyed impolitely.
Yet the order of things makes a difference.
Politeness can be a useful tool for making honesty happen.
By using it as it is – a way of communication in order to convey human value.

Mozart Requiem D Minor, KV 626 Offertorium – Domine Jesu

304, Kandinsky (1910)