About coincidences.

Do you know Kahlil Gibran?
I often use texts by him
since I am fascinated by
his writings.

There is a story behind.
Once I was in Gothenburg,
in an old antiquarian bookshop. 
Just looking for some books
about philosophy.
There it was, a large book with
treasured writings by Gibran.
I knew his name somehow from before,
he was the author of 'the Prophet',
a small book of 26 prose poetry fables.
It was one of his best known works
and became pretty famous
all over the world.
So I took the book with me
and started to study it.
It continued that I became more and more
drawn into his world and it started
that music pieces appeared in me
that fitted to his texts.
I also use often texts by Rainer Maria Rilke,
an author that accompanies me since 
a very long time.
I like that he leaves things
in the unspoken.
He sometimes just touches them,
describes them and lets
them in a mystical world
where you can find your own imagination.
It is up to you to feel your images.

Another time I was in Gothenburg,
I took a boat out to one of the
small islands in the Archipelago.
It was twilight, the sea was rough
and the wind icy cold.
It was an almost apocalyptic scenery.
I stood there on the way back in a
small shed to wait for the boat back.
The shed was filled with books,
most of all in swedish besides
one in english by Gibran.
There he was again.
I was pretty astonished one can say.
I was standing there
emotionally at the end of the world,
just waiting for a boat
to take me back to the mainland.
And there, in a drafty shed
again I found a book by Gibran.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Friedrich Schiller, Don Carlos

Und was
Ist Zufall anders, als der rohe Stein,
Der Leben annimmt unter Bildners Hand?
Den Zufall gibt die Vorsehung –
zum Zwecke
Muß ihn der Mensch gestalten.

And what else is coincidence
than the raw stone
that comes to life under the hand
of the creator?
Coincidence is given by destiny -
for its purpose a person
has to shape it himself.

Schumann Kreisleriana, op. 16: Äußerst bewegt

by Evgeny Kissin

Ship at Sea, Rembrandt

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