Panta rhei.

“Panta rhei”, a term coined by Platon and Simplikios, originating from Heraklit means in Ancient Greek “Everything flows”. I imagine “Panta rhei” as a necessity to understand one’s own flow of life. We easily get stuck. In habits, concepts, patterns. Does everything flow? Maybe one could say that nothing stays as it is. Is that … More Panta rhei.

Nielsen’s red.

The colour red. What do you imagine? I imagine fire. Inner burning energy. A warm, deep colour. I tried to paint this red in the painting below. It is a life-affirming colour. Fire gives warmth, gives life. What would we be without it? We would freeze. Yet – what if it gets too hot? You … More Nielsen’s red.

The light of Christmas

Bach: Christmas Oratorio, Choral “Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht!” Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht, Und lass den Himmel tagen! Du Hirtenvolk, erschrecke nicht, Weil dir die Engel sagen, Dass dieses schwache Knäbelein Soll unser Trost und Freude sein, Dazu den Satan zwingen, Und letztlich Friede bringen! Break out, O beautiful light of morning, and let … More The light of Christmas


What is mercy for you? Bach: Christmas Oratorio, Choral “Seid froh” Seid froh dieweil, dass euer Heil Ist hier ein Gott und auch ein Mensch geboren, Der, welcher ist der Herr und Christ In Davids Stadt, von vielen auserkoren. Meanwhile be joyful that your salvation has been born here as both God and man, He … More Mercy

A Winter Playlist

A playlist about winter. What is winter for you? For me winter means that life goes more inwardly. In nature silence and damped sounds prevail, animals withdraw or hibernate. The flowers go in standby mode, trees are slowly glowing in the dusk. The days become short, the light in the houses shines in the darkness. … More A Winter Playlist

Fear and Resurrection. Mozart’s Requiem.

While listening to Mozart’s Requiem I came thinking of fear and resurrection.Listen to this incredible music and let me invite you to read my following text. Mozart: Requiem, London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Sir Colin Davis: What is resurrection? Is it the abstract imagination of going to heaven? Or is it happening among all of … More Fear and Resurrection. Mozart’s Requiem.

Why are we doing what we are doing? Borodin’s Overture to Prince Igor.

Why are we doing what we are doing? Can we ask this question? Or are we too afraid of it? What secrets might reveal? What insights might come to us? Why are we doing what we are doing? To get appreciation or to live fulfillment? There seems to be a fine line which can easily … More Why are we doing what we are doing? Borodin’s Overture to Prince Igor.

A masquerade. Nielsen’s Overture to his opera ”Maskarade” newly associated.

Listen to Carl Nielsen’s wonderfully sparkling and life-affirming Overture to his opera ‘Maskarade’ played by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Thomas Dausgaard. While listening to it, I invite you to readmy associations about the Overture below. ”Please wear a mask” – a request probably none of us would have thought will ever be a … More A masquerade. Nielsen’s Overture to his opera ”Maskarade” newly associated.

Connections. Brahms’ Hungarian Dances freely associated.

Brahms’ Hungarian Dances arranged by Thomas Dausgaard freely associated with texts by Eichendorff, Rilke, Trakl and others. An invitation for ears and eyes. Hungarian Dance No. 2 (click on the spotify button): Laß dich die Welt nicht fangen, Brich durch, mein freudig Herz, Ein ernsteres Verlangen Erheb dich himmelwärts! Greif in die goldnen Saiten, Da … More Connections. Brahms’ Hungarian Dances freely associated.

What is humaneness?

What is humaneness? Is it altruism? Is it respecting each other? Is it helping each other? What is it, being human? What is it, humaneness? Humanity has suffered terrible wars, genocides, illnesses, hunger, cruelty – darkness of all kinds. Where does this darkness in humanity come from? Where? Nobody is born evil. What is it … More What is humaneness?

About answers.

Do we have answers? Or is it an illusion that we have answers? What kind of answers do we have? We know how things function. We know how electricity works. How to learn something. How to calculate numbers. How to make something. We have answers to the visible for our eyes.But do we know why? … More About answers.

Quietly. Rachmaninov’s Vesper.

Leise. Leise, jedoch ernst. Aus dem Fühlenden kommend. Loslassend. Worte finden sich erst. Werden erst. Lasst uns behutsam sein. Nicht störend. Den Fluss nicht unterbrechend. Die Schöpfung unserer selbst. Jeden Tag neu. Quietly.Quietly, yet serious.Coming from the feeling.Letting go.Words will be found eventually.Will be eventually.Let us be gentle.Not disturbing.Not interrupting the flow.The creation of ourselves. … More Quietly. Rachmaninov’s Vesper.

About a stormy life. Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto.

For listening, click on the following button: Was für ein stürmisches Leben! Ist es nicht? Was für ein Sturm ist es? Warm, kalt? Leben gebärend oder zerstörerisch? Hängt es nicht von der Sicht des Betrachters ab? Vielleicht! Oder doch – sicherlich! Sind es die Umstände? Oder ich selbst? Ich bin frei. Alles ist möglich! Tutto … More About a stormy life. Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto.

Simplicity. Brahms’ Händel-Variations for piano.

Brahms: Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Händel in B flat major, op. 24 by Gerhard Oppitz Listen to Brahms’ Händel-Variations. I find in it: simplicity. Simplicity in its expression which makes it unmissably expressive. I find truth in it. Truth in expression. The music flows from the heart and goes to the heart. … More Simplicity. Brahms’ Händel-Variations for piano.


Schubert Impromptu No. 2 in A flat by Dinu Lipatti Nicht müde werden. Nicht müde werden sondern dem Wunder leise wie einem Vogel die Hand hinhalten. H. Domin.


The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up, as if distant gardens were withering in the skies. Each leaf falls as if it were motioning “no.” And tonight the heavy earth is falling away from all other stars in the loneliness. We’re all falling. This hand here is falling. And look at the … More Transience.

About real time. The Finale of Mahler’s 10th symphony.

Mahler Symphony No. 10 V. Finale. What is time? We look at our watch and take this time for granted. But is it the true time? I don’t think so. That’s just our self-made time. Mathematically correct.So what is the real time? What time does our soul have? The children’s book ‘The lost soul’ with … More About real time. The Finale of Mahler’s 10th symphony.

Brahms’ ‘Gesang der Parzen’, ‘Song of the Fates’. About our fears. About feelings.

Brahms: Gesang der Parzen. Es fürchte die Götter Das Menschengeschlecht! Sie halten die Herrschaft In ewigen Händen, Und können sie brauchen, Wie’s ihnen gefällt. (…)___________________________ Let the human race fear the Gods! For they hold dominion over them in eternal hands, and can handle it as it pleases them. (…) Maybe our biggest fear is … More Brahms’ ‘Gesang der Parzen’, ‘Song of the Fates’. About our fears. About feelings.

Authenticity. Mahler’s 7th symphony overture.

Mahler symphony No. 7: I. Langsam. Allegro risoluto ma non troppo. Authenticity. What is it? Mahler’s music, especially the opening of his 7th symphony speaks to me about this. Authenticity. In which sense? In its clarity. In its pureness in expression. In its pureness of human expression. There is no darkness that isn’t included in … More Authenticity. Mahler’s 7th symphony overture.

The pearl.

Bach – ,,Sanctify us by Thy Goodness”, Hubert Harry. Our soul is like a pearl. Once you opened the shell, you are free. Free to shine. Free to reveal Your truth. A. Rossius


Associations. Let yourself be led. Bach-Siloti: Prelude in B minor, Emil Gilels. I see the world from outside. People, crying and laughing. People, going through their deepest pain and experiencing their greatest joy. All humanity. Since the beginning of time. A. Rossius Sibelius: Andante festivo for strings. “I believe in the suneven when it is … More Hope.

Hymn to Apollo.

Let yourself be led on a journey of associations. Paolo Conte – Dancing: Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo: Archaic Torso of Apollo by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Stephen Mitchell We cannot know his legendary head with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso is still suffused with brilliance from inside, like a lamp, … More Hymn to Apollo.

Dream and reality. Studio Ghibli’s ‘Castle in the sky’.

Soundtrack from the movie ‘Castle in the sky’ by Studio Ghibli: Dream and reality. Where is the border? Is there a border? Where? What is reality? Is our dream reality? What is real? We are longing for our dreams. The deep dreams of our soul. Aren’t our dreams real? Aren’t those reflecting our soul? You … More Dream and reality. Studio Ghibli’s ‘Castle in the sky’.

Höre Israel. Hear Ye, Israel. Mendelssohn and Rembrandt.

Mendelssohn’s ‘Hear Ye, Israel’ and Chorus: Text:Hear ye, Israel; hear what the Lord speaketh: “Oh, hadst thou heeded my commandments!” Who hath believed our report? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? Thus saith the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, and his Holy One,to him oppressed by tyrants, thus saith the Lord: “I … More Höre Israel. Hear Ye, Israel. Mendelssohn and Rembrandt.

Dancing. Rachmaninov’s fantastic symphonic dances.

Rachmaninov’s symphonic dances, described by him earlier as ‘fantastic dances’ are his last major composition. It leads from deeply human dances in the beginning to the dies-irae/All-Night Vigil – dance in the end, a statement to afterlife. A friend of mine once wrote to me in a birthday letter: ,,Sometimes I imagine we all dance … More Dancing. Rachmaninov’s fantastic symphonic dances.


Bach Lute Suite in C minor IV. Gigue – V. Double by Franz Halász: Im Regen geschriebenvon Hilde Domin Wer wie die Biene wäre, der die Sonne auch durch den Wolkenhimmel fühlt, die den Weg zur Blüte findet und nie die Richtung verliert, dem lägen die Felder in ewigem Glanz, wie kurz er auch lebte, … More Be(e)ing.

The colour blue. Through Cézanne, Rilke, Van Gogh and Mozart.

The colour blue is very special to me. I don’t know how you feel but there is something in it that lets me sink into it. It lets me connect to myself. In the year 1907 Rainer Maria Rilke visited a memorial exhibition of works by Cézanne in Paris. For Rilke Cézanne had a major … More The colour blue. Through Cézanne, Rilke, Van Gogh and Mozart.

About coincidences.

Do you know Kahlil Gibran? I often use texts by him since I am fascinated by his writings. There is a story behind. Once I was in Gothenburg, in an old antiquarian bookshop. Just looking for some books about philosophy. There it was, a large book with treasured writings by Gibran. I knew his name … More About coincidences.

About pain.

Strauss: ‘Zueignung’ by Jessye Norman: PainPain is an unseen and powerful hand that breaks the skin of the stone in order to extract the pulp. Kahlil Gibran Schumann: Das Paradies und die Peri ‘Jetzt sank des Abends gold’ner Schein’: Quiet friend who has come so far, feel how your breathing makes more space around you. … More About pain.

Creation. Esti dal.

Kodály Zoltán: Evening song – Esti dal: Your first word was light, and time began. Then for long you were silent. Your second word was man, and fear began, which grips us still. Are you about to speak again? I don’t want your third word. Sometimes I pray: Please don’t talk. Let all your doing … More Creation. Esti dal.


Schubert Impromtu in G-flat major by Dinu Lipatti: Apfelbaum Ein Wind singt. Rot gefärbt durch die reifen Früchte. Er wiegt die Äste, streichelt die Blätter. Sanft. Auch sein knorriges Fell berührt er. Das Meer hat ihm seine Form gegeben. Siehst Du die Krater, die Meeresgräben, die Küsten? Vögel nehmen Platz auf ihm. Bienen summen in … More Love.


Bach – Piano, Chorale, Sanctify us by Thy Goodness by Hubert Harry: Infinity Maybe we are infinite. Infinity is very hard to imagine. Can a human imagine infinity? Is it possible? When I listen to Hubert Harry’s Bach, I feel the melody began already somewhere in this galaxy and continues somewhere else there, somewhere we … More Infinity.