Dream and reality. Studio Ghibli’s ‘Castle in the sky’.

Soundtrack from the movie ‘Castle in the sky’ by Studio Ghibli:

Dream and reality.
Where is the border?
Is there a border?
What is reality?
Is our dream reality?
What is real?
We are longing for our dreams.
The deep dreams of our soul.

Aren’t our dreams real?
Aren’t those reflecting our soul?

You mean – ‘but they are just dreams. ‘Forget them. Don’t be unrealistic.’ ? Maybe our dreams are more real than reality? Turn it around for once.

Where is the truth? Dreams unfold truth of the soul to me. Reality is a mirror. It mirrors our connection to our soul. Whether we are connected or not.
What do you think?

The Mulberry Tree, Van Gogh

Where is the border between dream and reality in this painting?