Farewell. Strauss’ ‘Im Abendrot’.

Strauss: Vier letzte Lieder, IV: Im Abendrot, Jessye Norman.

‘Im Abendrot
Through sorrow and joy
we have gone hand in hand;
we are both at rest from our wanderings
now above the quiet land.
Around us, the valleys bow,
the air already darkens.
Only two larks soar
musingly into the haze.
Come close, and let them flutter,
soon it will be time to sleep –
so that we don’t get lost in this solitude.
O vast, tranquil peace,
so deep in the afterglow!
How weary we are of wandering –
Is this perhaps death?

J. von Eichendorff.


When I depart
I will see the world from outside.
When I will leave
I will recognize the full truth.
I will see the ‘substance everything is made of’. (Goethe’s Faust)

,,God is love. Everyone who lives in love lives in God,
and God lives in them.” (1. John 4:16)

A. Rossius

Summer Evening, Wheatfield with Setting Sun, 1888 Van Gogh