Essences. Beethoven and Gilels.

What an energy there is in this recording of Beethoven’s ‘Waldstein’ Sonata by Emil Gilels.
One big line, one continous drive.

Who was Beethoven? What was he like?
I imagine him as a force, invincible but at the same time incredibly sensitive, also deeply doubting, desperate, angry or afraid – he was a whole caleidoscope.
He was fully human, articulating all his emotions and putting them into music. Every emotion was allowed.
What a gift it is to us. Isn’t it his openess in emotions, his direct channel to his emotions which made such music possible?
For me he was a searcher, a searcher for essence. Beethovens music is for me a distillation of his own essence.
Lively and pure it springs from him.

Emil Gilels’ playing is for me also distilling the essence.
He lets me feel Beethoven.

Let this recording guide you, maybe to your essence?

Beethoven Sonata ‘Waldstein’, Emil Gilels:

by private