Whitout going outside his door, one understands (all that takes place) under the sky; without looking out from his window, one sees the Tao of Heaven. The farther that one goes out (from himself), the less he knows. Therefore the sages got their knowledge without travelling; gave their (right) names to things without seeing them; … More Miracles

The light of Christmas

Bach: Christmas Oratorio, Choral “Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht!” Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht, Und lass den Himmel tagen! Du Hirtenvolk, erschrecke nicht, Weil dir die Engel sagen, Dass dieses schwache Knäbelein Soll unser Trost und Freude sein, Dazu den Satan zwingen, Und letztlich Friede bringen! Break out, O beautiful light of morning, and let … More The light of Christmas


Music. An expression of my feelings. A snapshot of my being. A way to the divine. AR ‘Chaconne’ by S. Karg-Elert, played by myself:

Celebration of life. Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture.

Brahms’ music in his Academic Festival Overture reminds me of celebrating. Written for a celebration it exceeds its title to me and goes towards a much bigger celebration. The celebration of life. Now. Not to wait with celebrating in this very moment. Let us celebrate my friend. Why? Because we are. What more reason does … More Celebration of life. Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture.

Connections. Brahms’ Hungarian Dances freely associated.

Brahms’ Hungarian Dances arranged by Thomas Dausgaard freely associated with texts by Eichendorff, Rilke, Trakl and others. An invitation for ears and eyes. Hungarian Dance No. 2 (click on the spotify button): Laß dich die Welt nicht fangen, Brich durch, mein freudig Herz, Ein ernsteres Verlangen Erheb dich himmelwärts! Greif in die goldnen Saiten, Da … More Connections. Brahms’ Hungarian Dances freely associated.

What is humaneness?

What is humaneness? Is it altruism? Is it respecting each other? Is it helping each other? What is it, being human? What is it, humaneness? Humanity has suffered terrible wars, genocides, illnesses, hunger, cruelty – darkness of all kinds. Where does this darkness in humanity come from? Where? Nobody is born evil. What is it … More What is humaneness?

About answers.

Do we have answers? Or is it an illusion that we have answers? What kind of answers do we have? We know how things function. We know how electricity works. How to learn something. How to calculate numbers. How to make something. We have answers to the visible for our eyes.But do we know why? … More About answers.


The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up, as if distant gardens were withering in the skies. Each leaf falls as if it were motioning “no.” And tonight the heavy earth is falling away from all other stars in the loneliness. We’re all falling. This hand here is falling. And look at the … More Transience.

Authenticity. Mahler’s 7th symphony overture.

Mahler symphony No. 7: I. Langsam. Allegro risoluto ma non troppo. Authenticity. What is it? Mahler’s music, especially the opening of his 7th symphony speaks to me about this. Authenticity. In which sense? In its clarity. In its pureness in expression. In its pureness of human expression. There is no darkness that isn’t included in … More Authenticity. Mahler’s 7th symphony overture.

The pearl.

Bach – ,,Sanctify us by Thy Goodness”, Hubert Harry. Our soul is like a pearl. Once you opened the shell, you are free. Free to shine. Free to reveal Your truth. A. Rossius


Associations. Let yourself be led. Bach-Siloti: Prelude in B minor, Emil Gilels. I see the world from outside. People, crying and laughing. People, going through their deepest pain and experiencing their greatest joy. All humanity. Since the beginning of time. A. Rossius Sibelius: Andante festivo for strings. “I believe in the suneven when it is … More Hope.


Bach Lute Suite in C minor IV. Gigue – V. Double by Franz Halász: Im Regen geschriebenvon Hilde Domin Wer wie die Biene wäre, der die Sonne auch durch den Wolkenhimmel fühlt, die den Weg zur Blüte findet und nie die Richtung verliert, dem lägen die Felder in ewigem Glanz, wie kurz er auch lebte, … More Be(e)ing.

Creation. Esti dal.

Kodály Zoltán: Evening song – Esti dal: Your first word was light, and time began. Then for long you were silent. Your second word was man, and fear began, which grips us still. Are you about to speak again? I don’t want your third word. Sometimes I pray: Please don’t talk. Let all your doing … More Creation. Esti dal.


Schubert Impromtu in G-flat major by Dinu Lipatti: Apfelbaum Ein Wind singt. Rot gefärbt durch die reifen Früchte. Er wiegt die Äste, streichelt die Blätter. Sanft. Auch sein knorriges Fell berührt er. Das Meer hat ihm seine Form gegeben. Siehst Du die Krater, die Meeresgräben, die Küsten? Vögel nehmen Platz auf ihm. Bienen summen in … More Love.


Bach – Piano, Chorale, Sanctify us by Thy Goodness by Hubert Harry: Infinity Maybe we are infinite. Infinity is very hard to imagine. Can a human imagine infinity? Is it possible? When I listen to Hubert Harry’s Bach, I feel the melody began already somewhere in this galaxy and continues somewhere else there, somewhere we … More Infinity.