Celebration of life. Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture.

Brahms’ music in his Academic Festival Overture reminds me of celebrating. Written for a celebration it exceeds its title to me and goes towards a much bigger celebration. The celebration of life. Now. Not to wait with celebrating in this very moment.

Let us celebrate my friend. Why? Because we are. What more reason does it need? We never know what will happen, we can not even say with a hundred percent probability that the sun will rise tomorrow but we can be in this very moment and celebrate – life. What a joy it is!

Especially if you listen to this free flying music. For me Brahms’ music is both: A shining light guiding us. But also in his depth of expression a reminder to us that there is transcience. None of us will come out of here alive – not in human form at least.
What will remain when we leave this earth?
Our soul.
Our essence.

Let us celebrate!

Brahms: Academic Festival Overture, Swedish Chamber Orchestra & Thomas Dausgaard:

by me