Unconditional love. Bruckner and Delaunay II

Do you believe in unconditional love?
I believe this is the only thing in this world which is eternal.
Yet – it asks the “Via Crucis” from you. Why?

It is very easy to love not unconditionally – which is conditionally.
“If you do this, I don’t love you”.
Which leads to more pain inside and outside of us.

I believe “evilness” can come from us being traumatised of not having been loved unconditionally as a child.
No child is born evil.
We start fighting for it, like becoming even extraordinary good at things to finally be loved. Yet we don’t achieve it.
We might get appreciation but probably not the unconditional love we asked for.
So we become vulnerable to other forces in this world.

I can just love someone else if I can love myself.
To love oneself unconditionally is maybe one of the most difficult things. Why? Can it be so difficult?
Yes, it requires that I am taking responsibility for all my emotions, even the very “dark” ones.
No-one else can. This I mean with the Via Crucis, to carry my own cross.

Yet we are not alone in this. I believe God or however you want to call this higher dimension than ours, is unconditional love.
In our essence we are nothing else.


Listen to this larger than life second movement of Bruckner’s 6th symphony. Listen especially at minute 12:44 onwards – it is like Bruckner having a divine vision (13:09).
Delaunay’s colourful “Simultaneous Contrasts” below also describe for me a divine vision.

Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon, Delaunay 1913