Music of the night

What is the night?

How does the night sound?

Welcome to our Music Room and a journey into the night:

Thomas’ Music Room – an interactive music channel – Musical discoveries for children and other childlike souls.

Please share your artwork on:
Or on Instagram: #thomasmusicroom

All drawings are made by Thomas Dausgaard.
The videos are created and edited by Alissa Rossius and Thomas Dausgaard.
Episodes are coming out more or less every Friday!

Welcome to Thomas’ Music Room, a new interactive concept for music and children.
Each week, we intend to release a 8-15 minute episode to inspire children and other childlike souls to experience music in new, fun and interesting ways.

With this channel, we hope to open a new kind of dialogue with children (and other childlike souls) about music: about the music we love, music of all genres, but with a focus on classical music.
With co-founder and co-editor Alissa Rossius, we wish to offer children a different way to discover music – and an interactive one.
We invite all of you to share with us what music inspires you to create.
It may be a poem or story, a video, music, dance, art, photography, or indeed any art form that may be shown on YouTube!
Many of the episodes will feature my own recordings, conducting orchestras around the world.
We want to thank Warner Classics, BIS, Simax, Dacapo, Onyx, Naxos and many more who have generously supported using these recordings in Thomas’ Music Room.