Victim or Responsible?

Are we feeling victims of life?
Or are we taking responsibility for it?
If not we – who else?

No-one can reach us if we are thinking from a victim’s point of view.
No love, no whatsoever.
Because it will never be enough. From here life is unfair.
Others are bottles of water and we are the thirsty one.
It is not about the bottle, just about the water – not about the person, just about the love we want.

If we are responsible – we find the love we search so much in ourselves.
We nurture ourselves with water or try to find our way to there.
We evolve from our passiveness and life-is-unfair-thinking and rise up towards the sun.
We don’t need others anymore, we are able to give – for ourselves and others.

The Sun (1911-1916), Munch