Hypocrisy? A journey through Bach and Kandinsky.

If we say it – do we mean it?
If we mean it – are we doing it?
If we do it – are we sticking to it?

Is it too much to ask for?

We would need to face ourselves.

We can’t…

Because we have unlearned to feel loved
– Unconditionally.

Trotz dem alten Drachen,
Trotz des Todes Rachen,
Trotz der Furcht darzu!
Tobe, Welt, und springe,
Ich steh hier und singe
In gar sichrer Ruh.
Gottes Macht hält mich in acht;
Erd und Abgrund muss verstummen,
Ob sie noch so brummen.

Despite the old dragon,
Despite the jaws of death,
Despite the fear!
Rage, world, and spring,
I stand here and sing
In secure calmness.
God’s strength keeps me safe;
Earth and abyss has to fall silent,
However much they are growling on.

(Translation: by me)

St George and the dragon, Kandinsky 1915