New Year’s celebration

A New Year

What is it, a new year?
What is new in a year?
Can a year be new?
It is just a number.
A number out of many numbers
we have in our lifes.
It is about something bigger, this
celebration of the new year.
It is a celebration in hope.
Hope that the new year will bring better things.
Will make everything better.
Quite a lot asked from a number.
Why do we have this hope?
Why do we need this hope?
It is a projection in the outside,
like a little child waiting for Santa to bring the presents.
Now we are grown up and still we love to cling to this wishful thinking.
A longing awakes in us as we had it when we were a child and brings us back in time.
Why is that so precious for us?
The inner child in us represents a Ur-kernel in us, mostly untouched and deeply connected with itself.
What if we would turn the New Year’s celebration around?
From the outside to the inside?
Instead of looking in the future, full of hope and expectations, going inwardly in this very moment?
Inside of us we will find the answers we need.
Also our inner child.
We can still wish, but we don’t need the outside, the New Year anymore to carry our projections.
Maybe we can instead try to accept ourselves as we are, unconditionally.
Then we don’t need the expectations anymore.
We can embrace the inner child as it is.
Tell it: ‘I love you’. We can make peace with it.
I believe the only thing that is true in this world is unconditional love.
Let us celebrate.
Through loving ourselves – unconditionally.

Mozart: Concerto For 2 Pianos and Orchestra No.10: 3. Rondeau (Allegro)
A New Year’s Flower by Thomas Dausgaard