Freedom. Bruckner’s 4th.

Bruckner symphony No. 4 I. Bewegt, nicht zu schnell

What is freedom?
A friend once showed me a picture where you could see a man who was in prison but in his mind he was free. Majestic waterfalls and eagles flying in the air enriched his mind whilst he was sitting in jail. On the other side there was a man who was one of the richest in the world but in his head he was in a jail. He was trapped in his own concepts and governed by fear. Who of those is freer? For me it is the man in prison. It is our inner freedom that makes us free. While being a human were are bound to certain circumstances. I can live like Diogenes in a barrel but I doubt that this will be of any use – to me or society. I think being a human includes certain materialistic limitations. Radicalism in the outside is not a solution to me. What I think is decisive is the inner freedom. Whether we are married to our concepts, to our concept of who we are, who we want to be in ten years or our concept of the others, our concept of how everything should be. Bruckner’s 4th symphony speaks to me about this. Listen to Herbert Blomstedt talking about his impression of Bruckner’s 4th symphony:

Often we are astonished if it turns out that the so long known friend is actually pretty different than we thought. But maybe we just didn’t want to give up our concept we had of him. When I listen to the very beginning of Bruckner’s 4th symphony, just a few bars, I can already hear freedom. It is like standing on the top of a mountain. It is something beyond.
Beyond our concepts.

Foto by Alissa Rossius