About real time. The Finale of Mahler’s 10th symphony.

Mahler Symphony No. 10 V. Finale.

What is time?
We look at our watch and take this time for granted. But is it the true time?
I don’t think so. That’s just our self-made time. Mathematically correct.
So what is the real time?

What time does our soul have?
The children’s book ‘The lost soul’ with texts by Olga Tokarczuk
is about a man who always lived much faster than his soul. So he ‘lost’ it. And started living slower, so his soul could catch up to him. In the end they found each other again and lived happily together. In the time of the soul.

I think the time of our soul is much slower than we live nowadays. Very different.

It is no news that digesting something emotionally takes much more time than to just understand it with our mind.

So why don’t we take our own time? I imagine every soul has its very own tempo. But together they correspond to each other. Like in a huge symphony. Every voice has its tempo but together they correspond to something bigger, they harmonise together.

We have to find out what is our time, as the man in the book. Otherwise we loose the connection to our soul.

Our time nowadays is fast. Very fast. Too fast for our soul. When do we really take time to breath deeply? When do we really take time to taste what we eat? To feel the air on our skin, to digest the colours of nature? To feel each other?

The Finale from Mahler’s 10th symphony speaks to me about this. Listen to it. Dive into another kind of time. Let your soul correspond to it. Breath. Fulfill.

What a world would we have if we would all live in our real time?
What a world.

Kandinsky 1913, Color study, Squares with Concentric Circles
Credits to Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München, Gabriele Münter Stiftung 1957