Brahms’ ‘Gesang der Parzen’, ‘Song of the Fates’. About our fears. About feelings.

Brahms: Gesang der Parzen.

Es fürchte die Götter
Das Menschengeschlecht!
Sie halten die Herrschaft
In ewigen Händen,
Und können sie brauchen,
Wie’s ihnen gefällt.
Let the human race fear the Gods!
For they hold dominion
over them in eternal hands,
and can handle it
as it pleases them.

The three Parcae spinning the fate of Marie de’ Medici (1622-1625)
by Peter Paul Rubens

Maybe our biggest fear is the fear of losing ourselves.
We experience it in form of fear of death, fear of loss of existance.
The fear of dying is maybe the fear of not being us? Is the fear of dying the fear of really living? Of not being deeply us, not living out of our soul but out of our mind. If we are connected with our soul, our feelings, we are connected with God, our source to me. Our feelings are real. They are the language of our soul. Not complicated theories and word accumulations. Not our concepts and our rules we have about us, others and this world. Not our morality or ethic. It is our feelings to me. We should take them seriously. Especially all our abandoned feelings as fear, anger, sadness etc. Why are we so afraid of them? I guess we learned at some early point in life that it is dangerous to feel those feelings. So we cut them off. But they are still in us. Our mind is sabotaging us in a way. Surely to protect us. But this protection from our childhood isn’t working anymore. We are free now.

Free to feel any feeling. We will not die of it. That is an illusion. We will probably more die of suppressing our feelings. Let yourself be led into Brahms’ ‘Gesang der Parzen’. Feel the music with me if you like to. You can write down what you feel, paint or sing to it.
Enjoy your feelings.

Kompostion IV, Kandinsky

The leaves are falling,
falling as from far,
as distant gardens were withering in the skies;
They are falling slowly and with a negating gesture.

And in the nights the heavy earth is falling,
out of the stars into solitude.

We all are falling.
This hand is falling. And look:
it is in all of us.

But there is One
who is holding all this falling
infinitely gentle in his hands.

R.M. Rilke

If we live our life disconnected to our soul, our feelings, we live a life that is not ours. Of course we are afraid. We spent so much time disconnected from our source then, God, nature, … . How much we suffer from this. Pain and darkness are in that state our constant companions. Our soul is longing for us. To guide us. Since our soul, God, nature, our source is the only thing in this world that is true.
Our body will die one day.
But our soul is everlasting.