About answers.

Do we have answers? Or is it an illusion that we have answers? What kind of answers do we have?

We know how things function. We know how electricity works. How to learn something. How to calculate numbers. How to make something. We have answers to the visible for our eyes.
But do we know why? Why is there death? Why is there life? Why is the wild rose shaped like it is? Why does our galaxy exist? Why does humanity exist? Why do you look exactly like you do and I do exactly like I do? We think we have all answers. But do we really? Don’t we have actually very few?

We have answers to the how but seldomly answers to the why. This time of a pandemic shows this correlation even clearer to me. Our mind tries desperately to get control over the situation. What if this situation evades our mind? What if all our concepts and strategies ‘fighting the pandemic’ don’t work? What if we lost the control over it? What if actually nothing is under our control? And never was? What then?

I believe in us we have a source. A source for the why and a source for the how. Let us be in this very moment with all our senses, guided by our heart. Our mind knows how to realize something. Our heart knows, why.

by Thomas Dausgaard