Joy! The beginning of Bartok’s 1st suite

What a joy listening!
I recently discovered Bartok’s 1st suite and got stuck at the beginning.
Maybe you will too?

Listen to this stunning recording of Bartok’s Suite No. 1 – Allegro vivace with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Thomas Dausgaard:

I feel in this music a will for life, a life-affirming energy.
It is daring, braving all resistances.
Sometimes it seems we are coated by darkness. Wherever we look, just darkness. But the sun is always shining, also when there are clouds. It would be an erroneous assumption if we would think just because we are surrounded by clouds, the sun is gone. It isn’t, surely not.
We just might have forgotten that it is there.

Plato said: “Courage is knowing what not to fear.” There are surely a lot of things we could be afraid of. But it is us who decide where we put our focus on.
Obstacles might come, appearances of all kind might want to threaten us. Still striving for the light is courage.
In Bartok’s music I feel a fantastically braving energy, like a dignified hero of a legend. He departs to discover life and is riding through the fields, crosses all kind of mountains and experiences wild adventures. In the middle part he ressembles maybe on what happened before he departed, this is left to everyone’s own interpretation. Then by a sudden entrance by the winds – nevertheless departure again! On and on, his energy drives him further. Full of life-affirming richness he goes through life. Happiness and joy are the essence.
Life is beautiful.

Aufbruch, Leonard Lorenz 2011 (Original file)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.