Going home.

Bruckner Symphony No 4, Finale

A conversation from all sides:

What is man?
What do you hear in Bruckner’s Finale of his 4th Symphony?

I hear a long journey.
What is it good for, a long journey?

Maybe to develop?
Do we develop?

It depends on the point of view to answer these questions.
So, what is man?
Can we answer this question without asking “why?”
Do we dare to answer this one?

Maybe rather not. Or all on their own in privacy?
Is a long journey exhausting?

Of course, depending on our hope.

Hope is water for our soul, isn’t it?

What to hope for?
Isn’t death putting a lid on everything?
Is it, really?

Or is it maybe the opposite?

We are putting the lid on death?

Closing it in, condemning into darkness.
Is it darkness?

Who said that we should live forever?
Isn’t that our own rule we implement?
Would it be really good for us?
Maybe there would be no hopes, no trust anymore.

I am not sure the world would be a better place if we all lived forever.
Because the fear of death brings us together with our deepest fear
– the fear of being loved unconditionally.

Through this fear we make a journey – as Bruckner does.
A journey called life.
Going home.

Development, Kandinsky (1926)