Fear and Resurrection. Mozart’s Requiem.

While listening to Mozart’s Requiem I came thinking of fear and resurrection.Listen to this incredible music and let me invite you to read my following text. Mozart: Requiem, London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Sir Colin Davis: What is resurrection? Is it the abstract imagination of going to heaven? Or is it happening among all of … More Fear and Resurrection. Mozart’s Requiem.


Bach Lute Suite in C minor IV. Gigue – V. Double by Franz Halász: Im Regen geschriebenvon Hilde Domin Wer wie die Biene wäre, der die Sonne auch durch den Wolkenhimmel fühlt, die den Weg zur Blüte findet und nie die Richtung verliert, dem lägen die Felder in ewigem Glanz, wie kurz er auch lebte, … More Be(e)ing.

The colour blue. Through Cézanne, Rilke, Van Gogh and Mozart.

The colour blue is very special to me. I don’t know how you feel but there is something in it that lets me sink into it. It lets me connect to myself. In the year 1907 Rainer Maria Rilke visited a memorial exhibition of works by Cézanne in Paris. For Rilke Cézanne had a major … More The colour blue. Through Cézanne, Rilke, Van Gogh and Mozart.

About pain.

Strauss: ‘Zueignung’ by Jessye Norman: PainPain is an unseen and powerful hand that breaks the skin of the stone in order to extract the pulp. Kahlil Gibran Schumann: Das Paradies und die Peri ‘Jetzt sank des Abends gold’ner Schein’: Quiet friend who has come so far, feel how your breathing makes more space around you. … More About pain.