Foto by me

Bach Lute Suite in C minor IV. Gigue – V. Double

by Franz Halász

Im Regen geschrieben
von Hilde Domin

Wer wie die Biene wäre,
der die Sonne
auch durch den Wolkenhimmel fühlt,
die den Weg zur Blüte findet
und nie die Richtung verliert,
dem lägen die Felder in ewigem Glanz,
wie kurz er auch lebte,
er würde selten

Written in the Rain
by Hilde Domin

If we were bees
who can feel the sun
through the cloudy sky
who find their way
to the blossom
and never lose direction,
our fields would be forever
however short our life
we would seldom cry.

The bee doesn't judge.
It just is.
It isn't concerned about right or wrong.
It has an ability we easily loose.
Maybe this is the most 
difficult for the human gender.
To just be. Without fuss or quibble.
I guess children are closest to that.
They can easily sink into their
world of just being.
The following piece 
reminds me of that free-flowing richness.
It is endlessly sparkling, like water drops.
Have a listen to the last movement
of  Mozart's Jupiter symphony:
Water’s nature

What do you feel?