About darkness. Mahler’s 6th.

Mahler symphony No. 6 I. Allegro energico, ma non troppo

We fear it.
Many words describe this matter.
Diabolic. Malevolent. Bad. Evil. Vile.
Where does this darkness come from?

We all know darkness, also from within.
We all have also dark sides.
Sides we better don't look into.
Sides we don't want anybody to see them.
Sides we hide very carefully.
Is it in the outside? Or in the inside?

Darkness makes the world dualistic.
It sets a limit to lightness.
The brighter the light,
the darker the darkness.
It is a limitation.

There is very much darkness in this world.
People experience unbearable suffering,
the future of this planet is very uncertain.

For me darkness is the separation from
something bigger than us.
You can call it God, nature,
another dimension.
There are plenty of words. 

One can always choose which way to go.
It is up to us.
But I don't imagine it like in Star Wars.
The Bad against the Good.

I think, if I bring light
into my own darknesses,
I bring light into this world.
The darkness originates first in us
before it comes into this world.

But why is there darkness?
Why does it has to exist?

If you listen to the first movement 
of Mahler's 6th symphony,
I would like to show you a place
at minute 14:56.
There I find an answer.
Listen to the melody.
The answer to me is:
because we are humans.
Being a human is a pretty dualistic matter.
I guess, bearing the own darkness
is part of being a human.
Though Mahler continues and
if you listen to minute 17:50,
you hear something different.
It is for me like a melody 
out of space. Heavenly.
You can find it in the beginning too,
at minute 2:02.
There is always light.
When the night is at its darkest point, 
the sun arises.

So why isn't everything light
from the beginning?
Why having all this darkness?
Is it necessary?
All this cruel suffering
and hopeless despair?

No. It isn't necessary.
There is no meaning in it for me.
But without this,
we wouldn't be able to recognize 
There would be no mirror,
we could look into.
Without darkness,
we couln't become aware
of who we really are.
Foto by me

What do you feel?