Authenticity. Mahler’s 7th symphony overture.

Mahler symphony No. 7: I. Langsam. Allegro risoluto ma non troppo.

What is it? Mahler’s music, especially the opening of his 7th symphony speaks to me about this. Authenticity. In which sense?
In its clarity. In its pureness in expression. In its pureness of human expression.
There is no darkness that isn’t included in his music.
To me Mahler is a great ‘integrator’. Why? Because he includes everything. He shows himself unconditionally. His light and his darkness. His sorrow, sadness, joy, ecstasy, anger, rage, deepest longings. … . There is nothing he doesn’t include. Isn’t he deeply human?

It is like an overture to understand this world. A play about this world. Content: we all. Composer: Mahler. Plot: All our lifes.

Like a gigantic caleidoscope, endlessly turning it deals with life. With our origin. With our very own existence. Our daily life. Our longings. To find our soul. To let our soul free. What is it being human? What does it mean?

It means being. Just being.
Maybe you need the most courage for that. To reveal yourself, unconditionally. To accept yourself, unconditionally.
In the end everything is very simple. It depends on us if we dare to let us free. Try it. You can just win. What isn’t you will go. It never was yours. What is you, what belongs to you will stay. You can’t loose what is you. Listen to the end. The last bars. How it rears up, several times. Darkness arises from the depths. Several attempts he takes. He fights. What a duality. He fights for the light. Since all darkness will be overcome. Light always is stronger than darkness. Light transforms every darkness into itself. Light. Maybe darkness is just abandoned light. Mahler doesn’t give up. Each attempt is stronger than the one before. Each one has more power. To finally overcome all darkness. He made it.

by Alissa Rossius